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Email Etiquette

Today we are going to discuss one of my pet peeves, and learn about email etiquette. Those who don't BCC send, an email nightmare. When you send your friends an email showing all email in the to: or CC line and those people forward that email to their address book of friends, suddenly 500 people now have your friends email addresses.

These email addresses remain in the email, because most people don't do their part to edit them out. So when you forward an email that has 200 emails in the two field and your friend forwards it on to 300 of their friends. You now have an email with 500 emails.

Today I received just that email and I was able to harvest 500 email addresses from that one email that was carelessly sent by a friend of mine. So now 500 people I didn't know had my email address. Ever wonder why you receive so much spam, adds to enlarge your penis or adds saying you have been approved for a mortgage? This is one reason. I do not believe for one moment that you would hand out your friends home address or phone number to people that you don’t know? The same consideration should really be taken into thought when sending out email.

You have the resources right there at your finger tip to protect your friends and family from spammers, stalkers, etc. So please use the BCC, instead of To or CC when sending group e-mails. Don't ever give out another person's e-mail address without their permission.

Like I said above an email address should be treated just as a phone number or home address is treated. So how does on BCC send. I have collected a few resources to help you.

How to BCC send in Yahoo

How to BCC send in hotmail


If you were to enter these email addresses: 'To:' 'CC:' 'BCC:' ,, Each recipient will receive a copy of your email but it would look like this

From: "Your Name here" . To: Cc:

How to BCC send in Aol

How to BCC send in outlook;en-us;299804

How to BCC in Netscape

How to BCC in juno

How to BCC in MSN Explorer To add Bcc: recipients to a message in MSN Explorer: • Click on More on the Write E-mail screen. • Select Show Bcc: Then use the Bcc: field like the To: field.

I hope this article was of some help. Now please do your part in helping spam stay out of my inbox, as well as your friends and family inbox by BCC sending.

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