Home based business opportunity, you work from your home, set your own hours, be your own boss.

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Become a PCdoctor™

What are the benefits.

  • Work as little or as much as you desire, you work your own hours.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Schedule your work hours around your leisure, family and vacation time.
  • Run your business without the cost of a big, expensive office.
  • Use your vehicle, your home office, your travel and more as deductible business expenses.
  • Maintain your own, exclusive customer base. Keep them satisfied and they will keep calling.
  • And, enjoy your work.

What your customers will expect of you.

  • The ability to perform PC-related installations and technical support along with offering computing and technology solutions and advice.
  • A friendly, courteous and helpful attitude.
  • Good communication skills, a pleasing manner and a respectable appearance.

How do I qualify?

  • Adopt a mind set of excellence in customer service.
  • Read, study, learn and practice basic PC skills - site cleaning, hardware, software, virus removal and home networking.
  • Finally, we believe that your accomplishments and proficiencies are more important than your resume.

OK, how do I become a PCdoctor™?

You could do it entirely on your own.

Print a stack of business cards, place a small ad in your local newspaper, print and distribute flyers. But, where do you obtain and keep abreast of the latest PC related topics, especially the most profitable services -- site cleaning and virus removal.

For a one-time payment of $9.95 you will immediately become a PCdoctor™ affiliate.

This affiliation brings you two benefits :
  • immediate access to our learning guide
  • a three (3) months listing in our worldwide PCdoctor™ database
thereafter, for a $3.95 monthly fee, your listing remains for all the world to see and for all the world to find your services.

Customers looking for a PCdoctor™ search worldwide by zip, postal code, or country. Your name, email address, (optional) telephone number and technical specialties are advertised for your service area. Plus, every PCdoctor™ has access to our training page containing money-making articles, service techniques, business advice and more.

For a demonstration of our zip code search system,

To find a PCdoctor™ near you enter zip, postal code, or foreign country.

enter zip code 10002, then click 'Search'

For each PCdoctor™ listed on this demonstration search and display page, you may remember seeing the name, city, state, zip code, email address, an optional telephone number and the technical specialties. The records are contained within a MySQL data base for the utmost in security. The records are displayed ONLY when queried by (prospective and current) customers. You may safely display your telephone number and email address without those items being 'spidered' by the search engines.

In addition to the first three (3) month's listing, your one-time payment of $9.95 buys access to the affiliates section of our site which contains dozens of sample forms, tutorials and links to technical articles.

As an example click here to see a sample of just one page from the Affiliates Section.


We guarantee that your registration and monthly listing on our site will bring you business and WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. Given the proper training, learning and attitude, you too can become a successful PCdoctor™.

To begin your affiliation with us, click on this PayPal button.

Your registration fee buys you a three month's listing that begins the day we receive your payment and listing information (name, address, specialties, etc.) In addition, you will receive (by email) a log-in user name and password to gain access to the Affiliates section of this site.

Thank you from the staff of pcdoctorsgroup.

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