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What Exactly are Screensavers? - Part II
Here are some tips on how to use screensavers: First of all you should be careful when you use a screensaver on a LCD

What Exactly are Screensavers? - Part I
After reading this good article you will know some important information about screensavers and their history

Delete History
What is history and why is it dangerous? Your computer (well, actually the programs on your computer) track and save many of your actions

Keyboard Cleaning
There are several ways to clean a keyboard

Corporate ERP: Standard vs. Rich functionality – Microsoft Great Plains
Traditionally we were considering functionally rich systems, such as SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards as the fit for large publicly traded corporation

Microsoft Great Plains: Exchange & Brokerage – Implementation Notes
If your company is small or mid-size special products or materials exchange broker, you probably have custom in-house made exchange application

The Devastation Of Data Loss - And What You Can Do About It
Almost everyone who uses a PC stores valuable data on the hard drive or other data storage device

A How To Guide To DVD Duplication
Have you created a DVD that you just have to get out on the market? Or, perhaps you just need a few copies to give to friends or family members

Fixing PC Startup Problems
Fixing startup errors on your personal computer can range from the simplest solution to something that may take more time and knowledge of computers to correct

Computer Hygiene - Take Out The Trash!
Do you find that your computer exhibits one or more of the following behaviors? - Inexplicable message or warning pop-ups - Frequent unsolicited reboots - Your favorite application often crashes - Applications now start up sluggishly - Your computer seems to take forever to boot up - You find new software running which you did not expressly install, and you cannot explain it's existance Your computer may simply have become cluttered with software to such a degree that all those programs now fight with each other for resources, or a particular type of software installed (with malicious intent or otherwise) could produce adverse side effects and may even compromise your system's health and security

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