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This collection has been compiled for you by the authors of this site with recommendations from our PCdoctor™ affiliates. Over the years, we have written and contributed to many of the topics you will be viewing.

Currently, many of us still function as spyware removal technicians, both locally in our community (pay-for services) and internationally (gratis, just for the practice).

PCdoctors™ are a varied and diverse group. Collectively they can consult with you on a wide range of topics including search engine optimization, affiliate programs, broadband phone, VOIP, making money on the internet, adsense, domain registration, adwords, web hosting, hard drive recovery, merchant accounts, ways to make money on-line, point of sale software, webhosting, how to register a domain and more.

We have tried to list as many topics as possible, keeping in mind that while many more topics exist, to list them all might lead to 'information overload'. However, we realize that there may be more and better topics available. Therefore, please Contact Us with your suggestions and/or recommendations.

Free Security Products

We recommend that you use these products daily.

Spybot Search and Destroy
MS Antispyware
Ewido Security Suite
Zone Alarm
Browser Security Check
PC-cillin Internet Security Free Virus Scan

Educate Yourself

How to Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Data
Microsoft Windows Vista
Hacker Highschool
Understanding Spyware
CleanUp! Tutorial
Microsoft Security Center
Windows Security Checklist
Tech Support Guy Forums
Computer Repair Forum
Lockergnomes Problem Solvers
PC how-to site
Understanding and Using Firewalls
Clone a Hard drive
Guide to Norton Ghost
Karen's Power Tools
How to Replace a Hard Drive
Windows XP Setup and Maintenance
Performing a Clean Install of Windows XP
Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP
RSS Digest
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
Moving Files and Settings to a New PC
Microsoft TechNet
Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard from winsupersite.com
How can I customize a new Windows XP installation?
Wireless Data Transmission Security
SOS Security Scan
Gibson Research Shields UP!

Website Hosting

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Computer Cleaning Supplies
Karen's Power Tools
Inkling Printing and Design
All Things USB

Spyware Removal

Anti-spyware Tutorial
Understanding Spyware
Task List Programs
AdAware Tutorial(1)
AdAware Tutorial(2)
Spybot Search and Destroy Tutorial (1)
Spybot Search and Destroy Tutorial (2)
Spyware lookup (1)
Spyware lookup (2)
McAfee AVERT Stinger
Detect and Remove Spyware
Trend Micro (free) virus scan
Spyware Guide
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
Back up, edit, and restore the registry
Removing Spyware and Adware Help and Tips
Shareware / Freeware Downloads from Canistota Software.

Spyware Removal Sites

Resolved HJT Forum
Geeks to Go
Bleeping Computer
Gladiator Security
Tech Support Forums
The Computer Guy


Gibson Research Shields UP!!
Networking Tutorial
Is your PC configured for broadband?
Network Diagnostic Tool
Broadband Reports
Wireless Insecurity
WEP cracking for dummies
The Ultimate Wireless Guide
Wireless Security: WPA Step by Step
Windows XP Simple File Sharing
Windows XP Professional File Sharing
Sysinternals Networking Utilities
Remote Administrator (for Telecomputing)
Secure Remote Access
Dynamic DNS Service
Port Forwarding