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Sample Notice of Privacy Practices and Policies

As a group, PCdoctors™ naturally value their relationship with past, present and future customers and clients. The privacy of personal and/or business information is fundamental to the confidential nature of the relationship. The services may require the gathering of personal and/or business information in order to produce the products and perform the services that are requested. The policies and practices for protecting personal and/or business information are as follows.

Where information is obtained?

  • Information is supplied by the customer through interviews
  • Information may be gathered by inspections of source documents or stored data
  • Information is accumulated through past or current transactions stored on source documents or digitized information.

The nature and type of information varies with the different services performed. Every effort is made to restrict the information gathered and shared to that essential to serve the customer.

What is the policy for disclosure of personal information?

A PCdoctor™ does not disclose any personal and/or business information about customers or former customers except as required by law.

What are the information security practices?

PCdoctors™ restrict access to information about the customer or customer's business. PCdoctors™ maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards against unauthorized use of personal and/or business information.

The policies and practices may change from time to time. PCdoctors™ will endeavor to keep the customer notified periodically as to current policies and practices. The customer may contact us at any time for questions about the policies and practices. A copy will be provided upon request.

pdg privacy policy 1.22
rev date 14 March 2005