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  • Home Page: PCdoctors™ specialize in personal and business computer maintenance, installation, upgrades, spyware removal, networking, and training. PCdoctors™ expertise lies in helping people with their computer needs at home and in small business offices via on-site "housecalls".
  • Services: PCdoctors™ understand the internal workings of your computer(s) and network(s) Processor, Memory, Hard Disk, Motherboard, Sound Card, Video Card, Network Interface Card, Modem, Floppy Disk Drive, ZIP Drive, CD Drive, Printer, Scanners, and Digital Cameras.
  • Links: This collection has been compiled for you by the authors of this site with recommendations from our PCdoctor™ affiliates. Over the years, we have written and contributed to many of the topics you will be viewing. Currently, many of us still function as spyware removal technicians, both locally in our community (pay-for services) and internationally (gratis, just for the practice). Our PCdoctors™ are a varied and diverse group. Collectively they can consult with you on a wide range of topics including search engine optimization, affiliate programs, broadband phone, VOIP, making money on the internet, adsense, domain registration, adwords, web hosting, hard drive recovery, merchant accounts, ways to make money on-line, point of sale software, webhosting, how to register a domain and more.
  • Privacy: PCdoctors™ value their relationship with past, present and future customers and clients. The privacy of the customers' personal and/or business information is fundamental to the confidential nature of a relationship.
  • Newsletter: Subscribing to the newsletter. This is a closed list, which means your subscription will be held pending approval. You will be notified of the administrator's decision by email. This is also a hidden list, available only to the list administrator. We have never, and will never share your email address with others. The list is used for notifiying the list members of updates to this site, updates by the authors of spyware removal programs, special offers from vendors of computer maintenance related products, and other items of interest. You may remove your email address from this list at any time by contacting us.
  • Contact Us: Your relationship with us is important. To show gratitude for allowing us to serve your needs we offer to you, at no charge, the latest in the most popular spyware and spam blocking software packages. Many of these programs are free and only require that we install them on your systems, and train you on their use.
  • Become a PCdoctor™: What are the benefits. Work as little or as much as you desire, you work your own hours. Be your own boss. Schedule your work hours around your leisure, family and vacation time. Run your business without the cost of a big, expensive office. Use your vehicle, your home office, your travel and more as deductible business expenses. Maintain your own, exclusive customer base. Keep them satisfied and they will keep calling. And, enjoy your work.
  • Friends: This collection has been compiled by the authors of this site with recommendations from our PCdoctors™ Affiliates, friends, and customers.
  • Articles: A collection of articles with content related to Internet use and website development.
  • Blog: For several months, we’ve been asked to include a forum or blog on the pcdoctorsgroup site. Affiliates (PCdoctors) and customers tell us that it would be useful if they could have access to information that : 1. provides a discussion of topics related to pc maintenance and repair, 2. provides information about the latest in computer usage trends. It is the intent that this blog provide both. We admins will be diligent in searching the web for relevant and timely topics which we will use to update this blog. Also, we will allow you to post (and comment on) topics which are of interest to us, and to you. So, please register and feel free to post away.