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Sygate Security Agents

Business needs today are driving enterprise networks to be more open than ever before. Whether due to partnerships, outsourcing, tele-working, or remote access, the enterprise network perimeter is vanishing, making the network perimeter-based security model less and less effective.

As a result, many enterprises have taken a layered approach to securing open networks by implementing several security products, such as antivirus software, host firewalls, host IDS, and patch management systems on endpoints (laptops, desktops, embedded devices, and servers). Yet, hackers and thieves continue to disrupt enterprise networks because no solution capable of enforcing continuous policy compliance has emerged . . . until now.

Sygate changes the game. For the first time, commercial and government enterprises can gain a strategic advantage over hackers with the industry's first enterprise security solution that ensures that company-owned devices are uncompromised, continuously compliant with security policies, and protective of confidential data.

Sygate Security Agents